Warrnambool & District Artists Society 2018 Annual Awards
Best Overall Winner:Judith Watson Award 
 Judy Rauert
  Wilma Williams
Second   Jenny Arms
Third      Ella Baudinette

OilsFirst       Ricky Schembri
Second    Susan Sambell
Third       Murray Jennings

Other:First       Lynne Herry
Second    Maureen Healey
Third     Val Ryan

Watercolour:First      Shirley Lindsay
Second   Janet Steed
Third     Rosemary Bayliss
Pastel:First      Margaret Moloney
Second   Patricia Galvez
Third     Gwyn Taylor

1st Time exhibiting artist    Christine Unger

Warrnambool & District Artists Society 2017 Annual Awards
Judges Comments
Overall Winner:
Artists NameJudy Rauert
Title of WorkLast Rays, Point Ritchie
Comments:A sensitive yet powerful seascape with a beautiful
use of light and brush work- contemporary feel in a traditional setting.

Acrylic First:
Artists NameWilma Williams
Title of WorkPea Soup, Port Fairy
Comments:     Excellent painting that captures a Summers day seascape
 with free flowing complimentary colours and brush strokes. 
The artist has created a feeling of dry and hardy foliage
against the cool inviting water of the sea.
Acrylic Second:
Artists NameJenny Arms
Title of WorkGalahs
Comments:A well balance and resolved image that has a realistic yet playful feeling.
Acrylic Third:
Artists NameElla Baudinette
Title of WorkBird of Paradise
Comments:Well balanced and resolved acrylic that has a tranquil and gentle
 movement to it.
Oils First:
Artists NameRicky Schembri
Title of Work3 steers
Comments:Lovely piece that has a complimentary colour use that invites the viewer into the scene.
Oils Second:
Artists NameSusan Sambell
Title of WorkSunflowers
Comments:Strong colour and brushstrokes that create a sense of immediacy and fearlessness.
Oils Third:
Artists NameMurray Jennings
Title of WorkThe Welder
Comments:The artist has created a feeling in this work of being there and experiencing the workshop environment.

Artists NameLynne Herry
Title of WorkEscarpment
Comments:Powerful experimental piece that has many layers of excitement and discovery to it.
Artists NameMaureen Healey
Title of WorkGift of Nature
Comments:Beautiful free flowing work that creates an almost fantasy world of nature.
Artists NameVal Ryan
Title of WorkGroovy Grannies
Comments:A playful image that captures a fearless pair of surfers with a good use of colour and movement.

Watercolour First:
Artists NameShirley Lindsay
Title of WorkDunleavys Horse
Comments:A slightly na´ve image that transports the viewer into the harsh almost unreal environment of the Australian Outback.
Watercolour Second:
Artists NameJanet Steed
Title of WorkOn the Road to Willaura
Comments:Excellent use of colour and depth that creates a sense of tranquillity and vastness
 Watercolour Third:
Artists NameRosemary Bayliss
Title of WorkAtmosphere at Tower Hill
Comments:Lovely little watercolour that demonstrates sound use of colour and brushwork.

Pastel First:
Artists NameMargaret Moloney
Title of WorkSunlight on Gums
Comments:Lovely balanced and resolved pastel that captures the 3 dimensional aspects of old growth trees on a Summers day.
Pastel Second:
Artists NamePatricia Galvas
Title of WorkGeese Gladys and George
Comments:Well melded and soft complimentary coloured image that captures the playful and amusing side of the world of nature.
Pastel Third:
Artists NameGwyn Taylor
Title of WorkKangaroo
Comments:Soft Pastel that captures the innocence of a kangaroo with a sharp focus on the features.

1st Time Exhibiting Artist:
Artists NameChristine Unger
Title of WorkCanna Flowers
Comments:Beautiful coloured and technically resolved still life with a sense of
romance and movement.


Annual Awards

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